Elderly Walking Accessory by FUN Costumes
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Elderly Walking Accessory by FUN Costumes

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Distinguishing FeatureAh, yes, the perfect shepherd's costume—you've got your robe and your sandals and...and...oh no! Rats! You lost your crook! Now how will people distinguish you as a bonafide shepherd? It's not enough to have a robe and sandals, that could be a lot of costumes! The crook is what makes a shepherd a shepherd. Well, that and, you know, a flock to tend. Relax, don't go all the way back to your last camp to retrieve it. This Walking Cane will certainly do the trick and tell everyone that you are, in fact, a shepherd (and not, say, a Roman on the way to Colosseum). Fun DetailsThis staff accessory is made of 1" tubing and comes to you in 3 convenient pieces that twist together. This is actually pretty revolutionary. This means that you can easily pack it in a satchel for the road, so that next time this happens, you have a spare crook wherever you go! This cane is almost 40 inches when assembled and will certainly turn you from "wayward guy in robes" to "shepherd" in no time!Yes, I CaneSo make sure you hang onto this crook, because (and don't tell the old crook this) its lightweight construction and portability are likely to make it your go-to walking stick! Talk about an upgrade! 

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