Elite Renaissance Princess Costume by In Character
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Elite Renaissance Princess Costume by In Character

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See the Princess?Sometimes, you've got to dress for the job you want. Want to be considered for a managerial position? Get out your best suit. Think you'll make a magnificent artist? Better wear your artsiest outfit to that gala opening. And if you want to be a princess? Well then dress like one of course. We're serious here. We can't tell you how many parties and festivals we ran into princesses at. Princesses who didn't look like princesses. Yeah, okay, so they may not have ruled over much (say princess of the duck pond or the local eatery), but if you want to be taken seriously as royalty, then you better look it. Trust us. If you dress like a princess, then you will act like a princess. Once you act like a princess, everyone will believe you are a princess. It's as simple as that. Fun DetailsWe know. Getting a fully regal outfit can be rather difficult sometimes. Fret not, dear lady, for we will aid you. We have this delightful Elite Renaissance Princes Women's Costume that would surely suit a woman of your standing. This full-length dress is made of satins, crushed velvet, brocade, and chiffon, so it will look sumptuous and rich. Note the rich two-toned coloring and the Juliette sleeves with regal draping. The tulle petticoat has an elastic waist, and the neckline of the dress is square with a zipper running up the back. It also comes with a brocade crown complete with chiffon veil. No one will doubt your nobility in this delightful gown.BE the PrincessThere you have it. An outfit befitting your stature. Now, we would also recommend devoting some time to practice proper princess etiquette. Maybe a gracious curtsey or wave. Work on a stoic scowl while attempting a command. And, of course, don't just kiss any old frog you see. They're just regular old frogs here. Trust us, we checked. 

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