Elite Royal Blue Enchanting Princess Costume For Women by In Character
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Elite Royal Blue Enchanting Princess Costume For Women by In Character

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EVERYONE WANTS TO BE A PRINCESSEveryone wants to be a fairytale princess at some point in their life. We know we do. We would love to live in a beautiful castle with a moat and lush gardens. We would roam the halls of our lavish home and sing songs while the birds follow us through the stony walls. We'd wander out to our gardens and pet the deer that have come to hear us sing, and leave all the deer dancing as we stroll back inside. We'd simply sit in our castle and wait to meet that one prince that will sweep us off our feet. He needs to be kind, smart, gentle, and at least a little funny. But, when we meet him, we will know. Then once our true love has begun, we will finally have our happily ever after. Doesn't that sound absolutely magical? FUN DETAILSThis costume will turn you into a princess! This costume is modeled to look like one of the most iconic fairytale princesses to ever leap off the storybook page. The dress is made of satin and is bright blue. Underneath the dress, you'll be wearing a petticoat with a wire hoop in the hem. The dress comes with a ribbon choker necklace that's been set with a faux pearl and gem pendant. We've also included elbow length gloves to accent your ensemble. Last but not least is the tiara. The tiara is covered in gold sequins and adds to your royal effect.PRINCESSWe still haven't given up on our dream of becoming a princess. We are constantly looking online for job postings asking for a sweet little princess. We haven't found one yet, but if we do, well... How could we ever pass up a chance at our own happily ever after? 

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