Elite Warrior Viking Costume by In Character
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Elite Warrior Viking Costume by In Character

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See You In Valhalla!In old Norse mythology, being defeated in battle was a brave and triumphant way to pass into the afterlife. Odin, king of the gods, awaited you in Valhalla, where you would fight all day, rest, and feast all night from the meat of Sæhrímnir and the udders of Heidrun! Honestly, it all sounds pretty nice, if you ask us. The only trick is, you have to be bested in battle to get there. And, you’re not the losing type. Especially not when you’re in this Viking Warrior Costume. No way—you’re way too powerful to be beat on the field of battle!In this look, you are undefeated as a leader of berserkers. Enemies are crushed under your boots, fortifications crumbled, all obstacles destroyed or taken for your own benefit. Heck, in this outfit, you look so fearsome nobody wants to even challenge you anymore.Fun DetailsAnd why would they? If you could see yourself in this intense ensemble, you would surrender immediately as well. Victory isn’t hard to achieve in this tunic with mesh sleeves and wide faux fur cuffs. The dramatic way the tunic and cape billow behind you as you charge is knee-buckling. In addition to black and silver geometric brocade ribbon patterns, the cape also has a faux fur collar and medallion pins. The molded vinyl horned helmet adds another layer of intimidation to any onlookers. And finally, the boot covers have fabric ties and the belt has a buckle to adjust for fit. Surrender will be imminent!No Challenge LeftBut how can you ever reach Valhalla if there is no one left who is brave and worthy enough to try to bring you down? We have an answer! If you are strong enough, Odin will hand pick you to join him. We’re sure you’re already on the short list—just don’t forget your powerful set of armor.

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