Four Leaf Clover Mascot Costume For Adults by FUN Costumes
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Four Leaf Clover Mascot Costume For Adults by FUN Costumes

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Luck O’ the CamoHave you ever found an actual four-leaf clover? Since the day we learned about the lucky charm we’ve kept our eyes toward the lush green patches of regular clover, just hoping a four-leaf specimen would decide to pop up through the rest. So far, luck has not been with us.So, we got to wondering why the clover was being so elusive and how we could accomplish our goal of obtaining just 1 of the little plants. It hit us; we’ve been hunting for the clover, not just casually looking. And what do all hunters wear to help them catch their bounty? Camouflage! Deer hunters wear jackets with prints that make them blend in with the trees, so they don’t startle their targets. Some fowl hunters put decoys on top of their heads to trick ducks. Why wouldn’t a hunter of plants want to blend in as well? What if the four-leaf clovers are hiding because they know we’re after them? We thought it was worth trying some clover camouflage out just in case!Fun DetailsGet ready to finally find that lucky clover with this Four Leaf Clover Costume! The simple Made by Us costume is easy to wear and will have you feeling one with nature. Just slip the one size fits most tunic over your clothes and head for the nearest meadow. The stitched-in veining gives the leaflets a natural look while crescents of dark green are appliqued at the end of each leaflet to make them more dynamic. You’ll probably need to practice waving in the breeze and how to keep absolutely quiet in order to prevent spooking your target. However, once you have that down pat and this clever costume on, we’re sure you’ll have no trouble nabbing the rare lucky charm!Be in CloverWhether you’re hunting four-leaf clovers, marshaling a St. Patrick’s Day parade, or just want to create your own luck, this exclusive costume will have you living in clover!

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