Frankenstein'S Men'S Plus Size Monster Costume by FUN Costumes
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Frankenstein'S Men'S Plus Size Monster Costume by FUN Costumes

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WHAT'S YOUR NAME?Depending on the story that you look at, Frankenstein's monster might be a bit more complicated than anyone might have guessed. And, better yet, it might not have been the first one around—even though the big lug is definitely the most famous and beloved of all of 'em! Golems started off as part of Jewish folklore when man-like creatures were made of clay. The application of some mysterious alchemical techniques and the inscription of a name gave the Golem life! Suddenly, the whole tragic tale of Victor Frankenstein's monster makes sense. All the creature wanted was to be accepted by society, but it was shunned at every turn. What cursed such a creature to a life like that!? Well, it may have come down to the fact that the crazy scientist never named his creation! If the poor guy had been given a name, maybe things would have ended up much nicer for the gentle giant. Time to change that narrative! FUN DETAILSStep into the role of the classic monster from story, film, TV, and our hearts with this Made by Us costume. Now, we didn't actually stitch together flesh and sinew to make a monster, here. Instead, we can offer you the full ensemble! This is a tattered jacket and matching pants that look like they've been put through the ringer. The purple and black striped shirt make a great contrast to the monstrous headpiece and neck bolts that will serve to bring your monster to life. NAMETAG REQUIRED!Once you dress up in this classic monster costume, folks are going to naturally be confused about what to call you. We recommend a "Hello! My Name is _____" tag to get off on the right start. Just remember: fire bad... but friends good. That all starts with a nice smile and a brief existential crisis.  

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