Funky Yellow Chicken Costume by Charades
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Funky Yellow Chicken Costume by Charades

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A Cluckin’ Good TimeEveryone loves dancing the funky chicken. If anyone says they don’t, you know they’re lying. But no one, and we mean no one, loves dancing the funky chicken more than you. You’re the one who always requests it at every appropriate venue, like weddings, clubs, and anniversary parties. Sometimes you even request it at inappropriate times like your Great Uncle Theodore’s funeral (honestly though, he was a huge fan of the dance as well, so it wasn’t totally out of place). In any case, we think you should take your love of the dance to the next level and pick up this Yellow Funky Chicken Costume so you can dance out in style!You love the song because it just lets everyone let go of worrying about what they look like when they get on the dance floor. So obviously, this costume will help you coax even the most stubborn non-dancers from their seats!Fun DetailsIn this look, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be the funkiest dancer on the floor. The bright yellow jumpsuit features elastic at the wrists and legs (which end just below the knee). Included knee socks are red and white striped and will surely make everyone smile when they see them kicking and bending to the music. The hood fastens under the chin and includes a chicken beak, eyes, and comb on top. Also included are orange shoe covers, so that from beak to spur, you are as funky a chicken as absolutely possible!For the BirdsSo throw this costume on and enjoy burning up the dance floor. You're giving everyone else the confidence to forget how silly looking dancing can actually be. Honestly, caring what other people is OVER. It’s all about having a good time! And you are the best (and the funkiest) about getting everyone to enjoy themselves!

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