Furry Spider Costume For Kids by FUN Costumes
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Furry Spider Costume For Kids by FUN Costumes

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A GREAT CURE FOR ARACHNOPHOBIAOkay, we understand that you probably came to this page by mistake while looking up ways to smoosh spiders from a super far distance without also setting fire to your entire neighborhood.  It's clear that we have an uphill journey to convince you to see these little guys as anything more than miniature Cthulhu monsters here for the exclusive purpose of sneaking into your ears and taking command of your brain.And, sure, if little Lucas hasn't already convinced you that spiders might be cute and worked to help open up a pathway to healing where your fears might be just a little bit reduced, we might never be able to banish that phobia.  That said, we're here to help and we have a great plan to help change your perspective on the little eight-legged buddies that help keep that mosquito population down.FUN DETAILSSo, here's the thing.  We... have to transform your kiddo into a spider-hybrid.  It's easy... and fun.  Just garb your tyke up in this Furry Tarantula Spider Kid's Costume and everything else will be a breeze.  This hooded shirt is stuffed for some extra bulk and features the faux fur spidey designs that you'll learn to love.  Two pairs of arms are sewn into the shirt sides and articulate thanks to thread--not spider webbing!  Okay.  Last part.  The lined hood pulls up over the head and has soft fur... (and soft-sculpted eyes).  So pretty!SO, NOW YOUR KID IS A SPIDER-HYBRIDWe understand that arachnophobia is a very real and tough-to-end problem for many.  But, with the slow introduction of these adorable furry spider-kiddo hybrids, we are certain that we'll overcome our fears and be able to move forward into a bright future.  And, no, we are definitely not being controlled by spiders living in our brains.  (Probably.) 

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