Gamewright Forbidden Sky- Height Of Danger by Gamewright
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Gamewright Forbidden Sky- Height Of Danger by Gamewright

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A Shocking ExperimentThe adventures of the explorers from Gamewright's Forbidden locations are far from over. You've explored islands with mysterious treasures. You've survived the dreadful heat of the desert and constructed a ship to bring your treasures home. And, now, when you find a floating citadel in the midst of a strange storm, it's time to survive the day once again.But, what chance do you have when the storm's intensity continues to rise, lightning strikes and winds buffet, and your only hope of escape is an ancient rocket. Surely that thing isn't going to actually work... will it!? Fun DetailsSee if you have the teamwork necessary to face the ever-rising risks in Forbidden Sky: Height of Danger. If you've played the other Forbidden games, you know what you're in for! This is the 3rd game in the series and has up to five players attempting to complete a circuit of golden wires from lightning rods and capacitors to activate the escape rocket. While you rush to do so, the storm will change directions, high winds will try to blow you away, and lightning strikes threaten to end your adventures. Each player will gain unique abilities and equipment to help them stay the storm as you work together to construct the platform and build your escape strategy. Some tiles have spaces that protect you from lightning surges or high winds, so use them to your advantage! Finish the circuit and make sure everyone is by the rocket at the same time to win. But, if anyone is blown away, struck down by lightning, or left behind, it's the end of your explorations! Survive the StormWork together in a game where all survive and win the day or all fail and hit the ground for good. In Forbidden Sky, you'll have a new game every time as you try to master the storm and earn quite the fanfare when you succeed! 

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