Gangster Girl Costume by Charades
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Gangster Girl Costume by Charades

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What Could Have BeenThat nostalgic feeling when we see an old cartoon or videogame we're fond of is great, but sometimes we feel like we missed out on what was going on around us. Sometimes—and this is one of those times. Imagine with us, for a moment, if some 400 lb. gangster, all suited up and smelling of Cubans, took us by the hand and walked us through the seedy particulars of organized crime. We could be living out the thrilling capers of a gangster instead of sitting in our pajamas and staring at this Womens Mobster Girl Costume, wondering to what heights in the mob we could have soared.FUN DetailsWe don't say all this without acknowledging the role of hindsight bias, and we loved our games as much as the thought of international infamy. In fact, maybe hindsight bias is why old-school gangster fashion always looks so dang sharp. And the classic pinstripes of this dress are made even more appealing by a few more modern touches, like two pairs of prim pink buttons on the torso and a showy matching neckerchief. The back zipper and gold-tone metal buttons in the center-front make hopping into and out of (and into your disguises) a breeze.High-Risk, High RewardWe never knew, but we should have, and we're gonna share this nugget of mob knowledge with you while you stare at this gorgeous Womens Mobster Girl Costume. As it turns out, there’s a long history of women working their way up the ranks through their associations with some of the baddest gangsters ever! And plenty of them took over the family business after their male counterparts kicked the bucket or got sent to the big house. It’s one of those high-risk, high-reward kinds of jobs, but it sounds a lot more exciting than whatever we were doing when we should have been getting in the boss’s good graces. Just kidding—stay in school, kids!

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