Geisha Adult Kimono Costume by FUN Costumes
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Geisha Adult Kimono Costume by FUN Costumes

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A New HueOne day you looked through your closet and found something surprising: greens and blues and so much brown! But where was the red? You decided, right then and there, to change all that! And now? You've been on a bit of red...kick (obsession may be a better word for it). From your wardrobe to your kitchen—red apples, red tea, red grapes, red peppers, red sauce—you're feeling fiery and craving so much more red in your life! So when you spotted this Adult Geisha Costume's vibrant cherry hue, you knew it just had to be for you!And why shouldn't red appeal to you? It's the color of self-awareness, courage, and strength; red is a perfect rose, a ripe strawberry, or a vibrant sunset. How can one color have so much depth, meaning, and power for you? Wel...we don't know...but it does! So dab a bit more rouge on your cheeks, doll up your red lips, and slip on this costume for what's bound to be the first in a series of red letter days!Fun DetailsThis geisha-inspired garb features a bright red satin sheath dress, sure to tantalize your fashion tastebuds. You'll also get a coordinate obi and hair ornament, for when you choose to take this look out to parties. Other times, you may simply want to wear this gold-floral printed dress around the house over a pair of slippers, simply basking in its intense redness. Whatever you decide to do with this look, rest assured it fits into your red-centered lifestyle quite perfectly.Well-RedIt seems like you've got a costume party coming up, so you can wear this winsome look there and show off your penchant for red! Who knows, maybe you'll meet someone with a deep love of teal that knows no bounds. We bet they're out there, just waiting to meet someone as vibrant as you! 

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