Graveyard Ghost Adult Costume by Party King
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Graveyard Ghost Adult Costume by Party King

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On the Kinds of GhostsYou know the problem with being dead? No one ever leaves you alone. People are always asking favors. Can you haunt this person? Can you talk to my dead dog? Ghosts aren't genies for Pete's sake! It's not like they can magically grant you whatever you want! Yeah, okay, so they can go invisible. And change their appearance. There's also that cool thing where they knock stuff around and freak everyone out which is pretty funny... but that doesn't mean it's okay to follow them around nagging and asking questions.  For some ghosts, that's the worst. When people want a picture, want proof, want help, yada yada.However, there are some ghosts who love a little limelight. Ghosts who have maybe been stuck in a rut for a few centuries and want out. For instance, they'd love it if you gave them a call. They'd enjoy a good chat. Haunt around a bit. Cut a deal or two. Those ghosts can be pretty fun. You'll know one when you see one. They're usually a bit more charismatic. A bit zanier. They've got more pizzazz, more pomp... more juice if you will.Fun DetailsAnd if you think you'd be one of those ghosts, you'll love our Adult Graveyard Ghost Costume. This polyester knit outfit has a top with underwire support, black lace, and a faux corset. There's a cutaway jacket with long tails and ribbon waist ties, along with a black tie choker. The leggings have an elastic waist and both the coat and leggings have bold black and white striping. In this get-up, you'd probably be the suavest ghost this millennium has ever seen. Drop Dead FeistyWe can't blame those other ghosts for being bothered with all those tourists trying to catch a sighting. The best we can do is try and leave them in peace. But we do hope you will take advantage of all the attention and get out of that graveyard once in a while. The world could use a bit of chaos of the ghoulish variety. 

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