Green Furry Jumpsuit Costume For Adults by FUN Costumes
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Green Furry Jumpsuit Costume For Adults by FUN Costumes

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Easy Being GreenRemember those blanket things that were really popular a few years back? They were blankets, but had sleeves so you wore them sort of like a backwards cape? Man, those were all the rage, except, the problem was they could too easily come off your body, or your legs could get cold if you weren’t careful. Well, check it out...we fixed all of those problems with this brand new, crazy-amazing idea: this Adult Green Furry Jumpsuit! Now you can be covered in warm, soft, comforting fur from head to toe, no matter where you go or what you do.Seriously, pick one up and try it out. You can wear it to a bar, when picking up a package at the post office, to work (if you work at home or have really cool bosses like ours). There’s no end to the possibilities!Fun DetailsDon’t believe us? Try it on and the cozy feeling of watching TV on the couch at home will go with you wherever your daily tasks take you. This long-pile faux fur jumpsuit is secured in the back, and also has a stand-up collar with a separate back closure. Attached mitts will keep your hands warm, but in case you need to write or type something important they can flip back to let your fingers out. Shoe covers are also included and cover your entire foot or shoe, depending on how invested in your comfort you are (protip: we never wear shoes under this). Finally, the hood fastens under the chin for full body coverage. You’ll never want to step out of this!Fur-ever and EverIn this fuzzy jumpsuit costume, you’ll have no problem staying warm and covered. It's the kind of suit you'll keep around for all of eternity. We would wish you good fun and adventures, but at this point, we’d prefer to say, enjoy your cuddly time!

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