Hannibal Lecter Costume Plus Size Suit by FUN Costumes
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Hannibal Lecter Costume Plus Size Suit by FUN Costumes

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A Man with Killer StyleYou've got a lot going for you. You're polite, intelligent, and you're happy to listen to people's problems in your leather-bound book-lined office. What's that you say? You've got skills in the kitchen as well? Wow, you've got it all!We understand that a man like you has some odd culinary tastes. It's simply your station in life. You've grown to like particularly high-class food such as caviar and high-end cuts of meat. A man like yourself can invite the higher-ups who run the orchestra over and have them enjoy your delicious homemade meals, keep them entertained with enough high-brow talk, and beautiful music and no one will think to ask about the meat that you're serving with those perfectly roasted fava beans. They won't think to ask where their first chair flutist is, either. No one could suspect the genial man who's pouring the wine of any sort of foul play. A man as charming as yourself can get away with most things. For one, you could totally pass for a completely different Doctor. For instance, maybe you could pass for Doctor Fell and gain the prestigious position of a museum curator in Florence, Italy. Is the position filled? Well, don't worry about it, you have the skills to deal with that little hiccup. Fun DetailsYou'll have everything you need to pull off your new highbrow look with this dashing costume. The suit has a wide checkered pattern over a navy blue fabric. You'll also get a paisley necktie and a matching sewn-in pocket square in the false pocket. Sure, you might have a few dark culinary secrets but that doesn't mean you're not a perfect gentleman!An Elegant SavageTake on the next generation of culture and show the world what dwells behind a mad mind with this Hannibal costume.

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