Hardworking Lady Costume For Women by FUN Costumes
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Hardworking Lady Costume For Women by FUN Costumes

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SHOW US HOW IT IS DONE!All those tired tropes about ladies making sandwiches in the kitchen better watch out, because when times change, they change fast and rough!  Pretty crazy that when things get tough, the toughest of our population rise up to keep the gears moving and, once things smooth out a bit, our history can slide too easily into taking all that amazing work for granted.  Good thing that some still have long memories!When war demanded that all the boys get shipped over seas during the second world war, well, they would have come back to a pretty desolate place if it weren't for the gals who managed to keep the whole place running!  Anybody who had been paying attention already knew that our fine ladies were keeping the wheels moving, so you better believe that we're giving Rosie her due!FUN DETAILSRemind the world just how tough our women could get during classic wartime strife with this Hardworking Lady Women's Costume.  You'll be able to show off your Rosie the Riveter gun show with this short-sleeved blue jumpsuit with a notched collar and the iconic We Can Do It patch.  A red and white polka dot bandana will help to remind the world just how much our woman workforce accomplished.  And, best part!?  You guessed it.  Pockets!  No skimping on what you need to get things done, here!ONLY YOU CAN GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT!Combine vintage looks with modern skill sets and show the world that you have always had what it takes to get the job done.  Rivet the country together and then hop over to the league of your own.  Either way, this classic wartime look will remind everyone just how much we depend on you.  And, anyway, everyone knows that long sleeves are just as crazy as a lack of pockets! 

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