Hardworking Lady Plus Size Costume by FUN Costumes
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Hardworking Lady Plus Size Costume by FUN Costumes

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WORLD WAR 2 Back in the time of World War Two, the men were not the only ones putting in work! Women were called to the cause too. They worked all kind of jobs, like being a nurse or fixing planes! When you put on this costume, we expect you to work every bit as hard! It's the only way you can live up to the costume.Working in costume might sound daunting, but it doesn't have to be! We aren't telling you to go fix planes on Halloween. We just want you to work hard and go big with whatever your plans might be! If you are going trick or treating, set the goal to fill half a pillowcase! Or if you are going out on the town, set a game plan and lead your friends through the night's festivities! People will appreciate your hard work and tenacity on Halloween night. FUN DETAILSThis costume will turn you into an instantly recognizable figure from the 1940's. You'll be wearing a blue short-sleeved jumpsuit. It has a notched collar and a center front zipper. The jumpsuit has pockets, belt loops, cuffed sleeves, and a tough and rugged feel that will have you feeling like you can conquer the world. If you ever feel like you are losing your motivation, don't worry! It has a patch on the collar that says "We can do it", so all you'll need to do is find a mirror and read your inspiration. Last but not least, we've included a red and white polka dot bandana. This bandana helps make this costume easily recognizable, and quite fashionable. TIME TO WORKAlrighty, then. Now that you have your costume, you'll have everything you need to go to work and get it done. Whatever you end up doing while in costume, we hope you do it well. Don't give it 50%, give it 110%! 

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