Harry Potter Men'S Opposuits Suit Costume by Opposuits
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Harry Potter Men'S Opposuits Suit Costume by Opposuits

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Opposuit Opportunity of a LifetimeA few weeks ago, you had almost accepted the fact that you were a simple muggle. there would be no letters flying down the chimney. No owls tapping at your window. You were going to have to move on and stop whispering incantations when your glasses or a glass of water was too far away to reach without getting up. Your eleventh-birthday was quite a while ago, after all!But then something weird happened, you were searching through the newspaper and saw a strange job opportunity. There was a school in Scotland that needed someone to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. Well, maybe you never studied at Hogwarts but you were going to jump at the opportunity to interview for a job there! And yeah, you might have told a few white lies on your resume but if you dress sleek enough, maybe just maybe you'll be able to get this sweet gig. Product DetailsHaving a high-quality themed suit hanging in your closet comes in handy! These suits are sleek! The jacket is fully lined with a Gryffindor lion all-over print, buttons down the front as well as buttons on the sleeves. Slim cut pants and a gold and red tie will make you ready for whatever magical occasions might come your way!Interview IncantationsWhile we're sure simply showing up in a sleek suit won't get you the Defense Against the Dark Arts job, you might get your foot in the door at Hogwarts! Maybe they need someone to replace Filch or take care of the school's marketing. You never know. Lucky for you, you had this suit on hand already. It's been great for Halloween parties, dates with bookish people with good taste, and know that dream job interview you've been waiting for. Hmm, looks like that's another vote for dressing for the job you want. 

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