Head Nurse Costume For Women by Elegant Moments
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Head Nurse Costume For Women by Elegant Moments

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Bring the Heat to the Hospital“He needs 30CCs of penicillin, stat!”“She’s ceasing, quick, page Doctor Harris.”“Clear!” Those are the type of things you say on a daily basis when you’re working as the head nurse at a hospital. It’s quite an exciting life, to say the least, and not everyone is cut out for it but we feel like you just might be. Grab this Woman’s Head Nurse Costume and look like you’re ready to run a hospital this Halloween.When you’re done saving lives you can head out to the party scene with this saucy nurse uniform. It’s always good to have a medic on the dance floor, so we’re sure everyone will be glad to see that a professional is standing close by. You never know when someone is going to bust a move!The Diagnosis The formfitting white dress has a pocket with a red cross near the waist. The dress also has a red lining on the collar, sleeves, the bottom of the skirt, as well as the pocket. The front zipper makes this costume easy to quickly toss on which is a plus because you never know when your expertise may be needed! The headpiece is white and also has a red lining at the top of it. A red cross that matches the one on the waist pocket is also printed on the headpiece as well. Add some sassy fishnet stockings and a pair of white boots and you’ll be ready for anything Halloween throws at you this year.Paging Nurse YOU to the Dance FloorWhether you want to party till the sun comes up or if you need to save a life or two, you’ll be ready with our Head Nurse Costume. The only thing you won’t be able to cure is your own boogie fever once you hit the dance floor in this outfit!

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