Heartless Witch Costume For Women by Charades
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Heartless Witch Costume For Women by Charades

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Which Witch?We just don't get it. Why is everyone so uppity about those good witches? It's not like they're perfect! Sure, they look all pretty with their floofy outfits and sparkles (not to mention the rainbows and butterflies), but they screw up all the time. For instance, they often leave kids unsupervised. We're talking in the middle of dangerous situations here. They also never show up when their help is needed, instead only popping up when the coast is clear and there's no danger! Talk about scaredy-cats. Add their holier-than-thou demeanor? Yeah, no. As far as we're concerned, good witches are the most useless magic-users out there. Which is why we appreciate a good dark witch. We know, that sounds a bit oxymoronic, but you know what we mean. A witch that's good at being bad? She knows she screws up.  But she also doesn't run from a fight. A bad witch is willing to get her hands dirty and get the work done, even if her end goals are a bit... questionable. We can appreciate that amount of effort. Fun DetailsWe can also appreciate their hellaciously good sense of style. It's suave. Sophisticated. And often very practical for broom-flying and people wrangling. Take this Heartless Witch Costume. It's in a classic black broadcloth, with a zipper up the back and black pouch attached to the front. There are laces up the front bodice and a detachable black cape. And of course, the quintessential black pointy hat (a necessity if you're aiming at being a wicked witch of any sort)! If you're looking at working on your own heartless witching skills, an outfit such as this is necessary.Witch it UpSo there you have it. You too could look like a dastardly damsel. A malicious magic user. A practical practicer. Although, if you put on this outfit, be forewarned that people may run in fear out of habit, or scream at the sight of you. Don't take it personally. We know what a great bad witch you really are.    

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