Horse Costume For 2 People by FUN Costumes
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Horse Costume For 2 People by FUN Costumes

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IT TAKES TWO It takes two people to do a lot of things. It takes two to tango, it takes two to play chess, it takes two to share a meal. However, one thing that you wouldn't typically think of when considering two-person activities is dressing up like a horse. This isn't your average costume, and this isn't for average folks! This is for folks willing to go above and beyond the call of costume duty to create a knee-slapping experience for everyone you see. This costume requires sacrifice and teamwork in abundance. In order to coordinate your walking and galloping, you'll need to be able to come together and trust your other half. As for sacrifice, well, we think that whoever dresses up as the horse's hindquarters will be sacrificing a little more. But, it's not a competition, everyone has a role to play! If yours happens to be a horse's butt, so be it.FUN DETAILS This costume is simple, despite the complexity of managing a two-person costume! Each of the people in the costume will be wearing brown pants that will play the role of the horse's leg. Over this, they'll be wearing the tunic that is made to look like a horses body. The front person will have a hole to put their head through, and this will be where the horse's head attaches! It has mesh eyes and a faux fur mane. Last but not least, we have included shoe covers to look like the hooves of your ridiculous ensemble.WHICH HALF OF THE HORSE WILL YOU BE? When you put on your horse costume, which half of the horse will you be? Have you discussed this with your Halloween costume partner? If you haven't yet, we recommend a good old game of rock, paper, scissors to determine which half each of you will take! 

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