Isle Of Skye Board Game by Asmodee
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Isle Of Skye Board Game by Asmodee

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Strategic Kingdom BuildingEveryone wants to live in their very own paradise. That's to be expected. But, are you willing to do the work to make sure that your land is exactly the way you want it? Can you ensure that your kingdom puts the other lands to shame? It's time to find out just how tactical a ruler you might be and if you know how to complete what you've started! Fun DetailsIt is time to bring 2-5 folks together to prove who knows the best about kingdom construction and resource management in the Isle of Skye! In this 30-60 minute game, you'll play through 5-6 rounds in an effort to construct the best possible kingdom by purchasing and arranging tiles with various terrain types and civilized features. Each round, you'll begin by placing a tile to arrange your kingdom, matching terrain and doing your best to align roads. You'll draw three new tiles, selecting to discard one and pick a price that the other two can be sold at. Don't charge too much because any tiles not purchased, you must buy yourself. (Though, that's a good tactic if you really want that tile!) The design of each kingdom afford points based on how many rounds have been played and the particular rewards for that round. (A scoring summary in the rulebook helps explain each round's value.) At the end, count up your score and add bonus points if you've completed terrain portions, like a full lake or mountainside. Heir to a Lovely LandNo matter whether you gain the most points or simply construct a kingdom you're proud of, moving from Chieftan to King in the Isle of Skye is sure to bring you a new form of fun every time you play thanks to the ever-shifting point values! 

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