Jack-O-Lantern Light Up Knit Cap With Pompom by Ganz
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Jack-O-Lantern Light Up Knit Cap With Pompom by Ganz

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Decoration DilemmaAre you the type to go overboard on pumpkin carving? We're talking pumpkins carved on October 1st with no plan to preserve their spooky or smiling faces. We get it. Turning those tough-skinned orange gourds into jack o' lanterns definitely ranks as the most fun decorating activity to exist. You get to use all sorts of surprisingly effective plastic tools to open up a giant vegetable and play in the mushiest slime out there. Plus, when you're all done (if you saved the seeds) you get to make a snack! What more could we want out of a Halloween decoration?Well, we thought of something... Jack o lanterns that last the full season and can't be smashed by the neighborhood kids. We know there are plastic options, but they don't have the same charm. There's no effort there. No interactive nature to them. Are we doomed to suppressing our excitement and waiting to carve and display our favorite decoration until the week before Halloween night?Of course not!Fun DetailsWith this Light Up Jack O Lantern Knit Cap, you can share your grinning gourds obsession with the world. Unlike real pumpkins, this blended fiber cap won't droop before Halloween ends (you could wear it all year, really). The pompom on top adds a playful detail to compliment the smiling face. And when the time is right you can switch on the battery pack and watch as the eyes, nose, and mouth flash with different colors lights.Always AppropriateDon't deny your Halloween wishes ever again. Be the person that throws on their Jack O Lantern Knit Cap at the first sign of fall. It's never the wrong time to celebrate your favorite holiday!

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