Kids The Clown Morphsuit by Morphsuits
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Kids The Clown Morphsuit by Morphsuits

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CLOWNS Clowns have changed a lot in the last 20 years. It's as though the entire world just unanimously decided: "Yeah, clowns are creepy now, there's really nothing cute about it." And ever since this movement begun we are seeing more and more scary clowns. They really are scary too. We find clowns to be nothing short of terrifying. Between the makeup and the crazy attitude, we don't think we could ever handle having a clown out for our kid's birthday party. It's not the friendly clown's fault, we just have a hard time seeing them as not scary after the movies that have been coming out. Do you consider yourself afraid of killer clowns? We imagine you find them at least a little unsettling if you can see the appeal in this costume. Though we have to admit, this costume makes it pretty easy to be scared.FUN DETAILSThis clown is not the kind of clown you will find making balloon animals at the park. This is the kind of clown that terrorizes neighborhoods and inspires a scary movie. The costume takes the form of a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is made of polyester and spandex, leaving it stretchy and comfortable. It fastens with a two-way zipper on the back and the hands, head, and feet will all be fully enclosed in the morphsuit. The entire morphsuit is decorated with scary clown faces and terrifying clown designs. This costume is more than a little unsettling! KILLER CLOWNS Killer clowns are on the rise. As much as we hate to see these clowns on the streets of our neighborhood, they make for a fantastic costume! Wearing a costume like this is a surefire way to scare some family and friends. Just don't look into any mirrors, you'll only end up scaring yourself! 

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