Leprechaun Costume For Boys by FUN Costumes
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Leprechaun Costume For Boys by FUN Costumes

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MTSA Meeting MinutesThe Magical Teen Support Alliance meets in the basement of the defunct high school on Third Street every Thursday. Like most support groups, members come and go, depending on how rough that week had been. As it was early October, the meeting room was much more bustling than any other time of the year. Edward the vampire was glistening angrily in the corner, preparing his rant about the new vampire horror movie coming out in the theaters. The teenage werewolf was stalking the snack table with half a dozen donut holes piled on his plate. Thumbelina was standing on the podium, trying to get everyone's attention in her tiny, chiming voice. And the Teenage Leprechaun? Why he was having a grand time watching the chaos enfold because even in their most tumultuous years, leprechauns know how to have fun in any situation!Design & DetailsThis lush green Leprechaun costume is ready to spread fun where ever it goes! It features a classic jacket with long tails and bronze buttons. The deep green velvet cuffs and collar matches the vest. The matching pants have a cropped cut with gold buttons up the hem for an old-school feel. The ensemble is topped off with an over-sized top hat made of a lightweight foam. Complete this look with a white collared shirt and knee-high white socks and you'll have a household Leprechaun in no time!The Real CloverfieldAre you ready to transform into a little green man with a plan this Saint Patty's Day? Great for plays, parades, and parties, this brilliant green ensemble is a whole lot of fun! Carry around gold chocolate coins to spread your leprechaun spirit (and get people off the trail of your real pot of gold). Life as a magical teen might not be easy unless you're lucky enough to be a leprechaun, that is! 

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