Men'S Good Time Charlie Costume by Dreamgirl
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Men'S Good Time Charlie Costume by Dreamgirl

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THE ROARING TWENTIES Costumes from the roaring twenties are all the rage nowadays. We carry tons of costumes from the time, countless gangster suits and hats and seemingly infinite flapper dresses. Now, these are great costumes; they sure to be a hit wherever you go. But if you are looking for something a little more unique than the average gangster costume, then we can assure you that this Good Time Charlie costume is the way to go! When you are out in your Good Time Charlie costume, you will not only be the most unique 1920's costume at the party, you will also be having the most fun! It comes with that Good Time Charlie mentality. You are just out for a good time, you're free and easy and you aren't going to stress about the little things! Sounds like a pretty good way to be, doesn't it? FUN DETAILS This costume will have you living life free as a bird! You'll be wearing a royal red striped jacket with three buttons on the front and two false pockets. Under this, you'll be wearing our bowtie! We don't include a dress shirt, so whatever you have will do, but our personal favorite color for the dress shirt is white. For your head, we've included the straw hat! When we say straw hat, it makes it sound as though it's some farmers hat. This is not the case, this hat is well shaped and has ribbon edging around it that really gives it a high-class feel. All you will need to supply are your dress shoes, dress pants, and a dress shirt, and you will be ready to roam through the 1920's! GOOD TIME CHARLIEWhen you're dressed up as a Good Time Charlie, how will you live up to the name? The easiest way to play your part is to put on a smile and just roll with it. Good luck! 

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