Men'S Goosebumps Slappy Costume by FUN Costumes
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Men'S Goosebumps Slappy Costume by FUN Costumes

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Watch What You SayRemember reading Goosebumps when you were a kid? You retold those stories again and again. Your retelling of The Werewolf of Fever Swamp went over well at camp after a late-night marshmallow toasting session. And while you enjoyed scaring your friend's with your rendition of It Came From Under the Sink, you found that you were too scared to go to the bathroom on your own at the end of the night. That just goes to show, you're got to be careful of what stories you're telling. And more importantly, you've got to be careful what magic words you say! We're not going to write down the magic words that make Slappy the Dummy come to life because we don't want to spread Slappy's eerie power. If you want to celebrate Goosebumps without freaking yourself out, check out this Slappy the Dummy costume for a costume that might scare others while making you feel powerful. Details & DesignYou'll feel rather dapper when you're rocking our licensed, exclusive Goosebumps costume. It features a double-breasted jack with a satin rosette on the lapel. The pants have an elastic waistband for an easy fit. Provide your own white shirt and slip the elastic bowtie under the collar to finish off this dummy's suave ensemble. It's Showtime!Are you ready to appear as one of R.L.Stine's most power-hungry characters? Creating dummy makeup is simple! Part your hair to the side and apply hair goop liberally. Fill in your eyebrows with a black eyeliner pencil, add adorable freckles to your cheeks, and draw lines down to your jaw from the sides of your mouth and you'll soon have a jaw-dropping look. Whether you're heading out to a Halloween party or you're heading to a Goosebumps themed party, Slappy the dummy is always sure to be a horrifying hit.

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