Mens Opposuits Green St Patricks Day Costume Suit by Opposuits
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Mens Opposuits Green St Patricks Day Costume Suit by Opposuits

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This day and age, you can basically find the right fit and style of clothing for almost any activity that you might have in mind. Our crafters work hard to make sure that you have as many options out there as possible. Of course, there is one slight problem… Much of the formal attire that you can find is really the only idea for the work day or the nightlife. It’s a pretty masterful piece that lets you blend the two together. And, to make it worse, some of our hobbies and day jobs have some pretty intensive requirements all alone. Who has the time to always run back home and change between activities?Well, we can see exactly what you are thinking! We’ve actually heard several requests and we have just the thing to help you accomplish exactly what you have been looking to do. When your fate involves the fickle mistress of Lady Luck, you need to be ready! Those leprechauns are tough to catch, after all. How is anyone actually supposed to get that magical pot of gold with them vanishing off whenever anyone gets close? Well, you’re clearly a high-level thinker. How do hunters do it? Well, camouflage of course! But, you can’t go the standard green and brown patterns to hide in the woods. If you’re trying to get yourself a leprechaun and still have time to make it to the office or “black” tie party, you need to have something that will work in both worlds! And that means green...Well, the Men’s OppoSuits Green St. Patrick’s Day Suit is the perfect answer for the man looking for a way to keep it classy while still avoiding obvious detection from those sneaky magical creatures. The fully lined suit jacket, matching pants, and tie will make for a comfortable and sleek look while also masking your presence as you sneak up towards those goofy mythological folks. Then, after you’ve caught yourself your win, you can head right into the office party and show off your most precious treasure… your awesome suit, of course!

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