Men'S Opposuits Orange Costume Suit by Opposuits
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Men'S Opposuits Orange Costume Suit by Opposuits

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Think of how many occasions there are in which you can’t do without wearing orange. Suppose you’re a Floridian citrus farmer and hate clashing with your favorite cash crop. Suppose you’re hunting for the elusive Dunder Leopard in the snows of Kilimanjaro but don’t want to sacrifice safety just so you can better blend into the drifts there. Suppose you’re drinking a cold, refreshing Sunny D while dirt biking and don’t want the inevitable stains to show up on your clothes. These unavoidable circumstances demand that you wear that happy color we all know and love. But on the other hand, a real man should always wear a suit. You never know when you might have to attend a funeral, presidential inauguration, or bris, even in the same day. You can’t just show up to these hoity toity events in your usual cargo shorts, flip flops, and “Keg Stand Champion” T-shirt. You have to tap into that great tradition of men’s fashion or you’ll look like you just fell head first off the turnip truck. What if we said you never have to compromise again? Would you believe us if we said you can have your orange and your suit? Well, check this out: look at the picture of that handsome young lad. Notice something? We bet you do -- it’s that beautifully crafted, lovingly tailored, unspeakably suave orange suit he’s wearing. You can be just like him, too! Our Men's OppoSuits Orange Suit is the superlative in men’s formal wear, the perfect thing for the fellow who has to remain visible yet fashionable. Order yours today and be the debonair orange hunk you were born to be!

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