Men'S Opposuits Pacman Suit by Opposuits
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Men'S Opposuits Pacman Suit by Opposuits

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Remember going to the arcade as a kid and playing Pac Man? It was always an exciting race to see if you could catch the blue ghosts before they switched back into regular, multi-colored ones. But we always wondered… why did Pac Man chase Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde in the first place? (We also wondered why Clyde was named Clyde instead of… say… Winky or Stinky.) What was their history? Did the ghosts owe Pac Man money? Had they dented his rear fender and left without leaving insurance information? Had they eaten the last jelly donut in the break room before Pac Man could get back from his meeting and try one?We may never know just why Pac Man is trying to catch the ghosts, but we do know you’ll catch everyone’s attention in this Men's OppoSuits Pacman Suit. The 100 percent polyester suit (which is 200 percent amazing, according to the product label, so it’s official), is covered in a classic Pac Man maze littered with pac-dots and those sneaky little ghosts. There are also plenty of Pac Mans (Pac Men?) in pursuit. The suit comes with a jacket and trousers, as well as matching necktie (it’s not a clip-on, so learn how to tie a tie already!). This suit is perfect for any Pac Man fan, whether you’re visiting an arcade for old times’ sake or presenting at your annual business meeting. (There’s no wrong time for Pac Man!) Slip into this suit, and you’ll take Pac Man to a whole new level!

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