Mens Opposuits Pink Suit by Opposuits
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Mens Opposuits Pink Suit by Opposuits

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Some men are afraid of the color pink. Not you though. You’re braver than the average man––pink is your best friend. It’s daring and vibrant, just like your personality. You can wear the color with confidence, without insisting others call it rose, salmon, or coral, which is why this Men’s OppoSuits Pink Suit makes such an excellent choice for you. On days that you’re just not feeling the dull office grays, blues, and blacks, you can break our this little pink number and let your personality shine. Oh, what, we had a board meeting today? No matter, lookin’ sharp!Pink might seem like a splash of colorful fun only appropriate for the summer, but that’s where you’re wrong. Nothing looks sharper than a man striding across a snow-laden city street in the dead of winter, bright pink suit peaking out from beneath his overcoat. Do you pop into Church with the fam once or twice a year for Holidays? Make sure your attendance is taken note of! There’ll be no mistaking your presence in this pink suit. Wear it to a wedding, any ol’ time of the year! Just make sure not to be more glamorous than the bride. They don’t like that.OppoSuits make suits for the more discerning costume-wearer––for those who want to show their fun side while maintaining their haute couture reputation. Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man, not a man in an ill-fitting one-piece costume. Up your summer fun game today with this Men’s OppoSuits Mr. Pink Summer Suit! Up your suit game today with this Men’s OppoSuits Pink Suit!

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