Mens Opposuits Yellow Suit by Opposuits
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Mens Opposuits Yellow Suit by Opposuits

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No one wants to be a “canary in the coal mine” (a harbinger of danger or failure). But...does that mean no one should wear canary? We think not!Wearing yellow sure can help you to stand out! This Opposuits Yellow Suit has a vibrant canary yellow hue that's sure to make you feel electric (and maybe a little dangerous). In fact, your dreaded coworker, Jake, has dared you to wear this suit to an office meeting. You accepted the bet (with a hefty financial wager), but little did Jake know that you already had this stunning suit hanging in your closet. While Jake may think that black, charcoal, and navy are the only “safe” colors in the world, you find their subdued hues a tad too boring for you. So when you show up to that Monday marketing meeting in this magnificent men’s suit, you radiate qualities of warmth, positivity, energy, and vibrance--and Mr. Burbank, your boss, takes instantaneous note (take that, Jake!).This ensemble is an Opposuits original, and includes a two-button suit jacket, matching pants in a slim fashion cut, and even the matching tie. You can make a costume out of this yellow look (a sleek banana, a sun ray, a yellow submarine), but truthfully, we won't blame you one bit if you want to wear it to work weekly...Jake needs to be put in his place pretty regularly. So maybe you are a bit of a canary in the coal mine for Jake’s promotional prospects; after all, Mr. Burbank has been taking all of his lunches with you ever since he saw you in this suit!

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