Mens White Satin Ruffle Shirt For Adults by Charades
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Mens White Satin Ruffle Shirt For Adults by Charades

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RUFFLE SHIRTSThis isn't the kind of shirt that you'll see every day. Sure, you probably don't see this worn around your office, and you probably didn't see it at your senior prom. But that doesn't mean that this shirt isn't stylish. This shirt has a timeless style that is never going away. It's worn by pirates and matadors alike, and both of those are totally awesome, so we don't even think this shirt's fashion merit is up for debate.We are surprised that shirts like this aren't back in style. We know that you don't exactly see a lot of pirates walking around anymore so it would be hard for them to set a trend, but there are still matadors! If matadors are walking around wearing shirts like this and people aren't copying them in huge numbers, well, you can color us confused because these shirts are awesome. FUN DETAILS This shirt is going to be coming back in a big way, we can feel it. The shirt is made of 100% polyester satin fabric and comes in the brightest white we could possibly find. It has elastic at the wrists and gold buttons up the front. The ruffles are what really separates this shirt from the rest. It has not one but TWO tiers of ruffles across the chest, around the gold buttons. These ruffles, paired with the collar, create a distinct look that we expect to see in every fashion show in America in just a couple of years. You heard it here first! WHITE SHIRTWhat will you be doing with your white shirt? Maybe you are a soldier turned pirate? Maybe you are the worlds greatest matador? Maybe you are a king? The possibilities with this shirt are endless, it's like a blank canvas for you to write your costume's story on. 

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