Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket by Charades
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Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket by Charades

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GET READY TO FEEL OLD, PARENTS...So, you're ready to give the gift that you know is just going to make them happy as heck.  A moment from your own childhood, perhaps, but this one is going to resonate with them for a long time because everyone is sure to recognize it.  You're excited.  They're excited.  You could even say you're both thrilled.  And, when you set down the box and watch their faces, you are touched and your heart stirs.  They love it.  Visions of that Thriller video from the 80's pop wonder fill your mind.  You probably even remember the dance.  You definitely remember the howling and the beat.  The clapping.  You're ready.  Your tyke smiles, then wider.  "Thanks!" they say and your heart soars.  "I loved Stranger Things!"  FUN DETAILSCRACK!  The sound of your heart breaking and feeling the sudden age.  But, also, because they're right and that Stranger Things was pretty awesome.  Well, whether they recognize the real origin of this fantastic get-up or not, they're still going to love this Michael Jackson Kid's Thriller Jacket.  The iconic orange and black stripe really can't be beat.  Togther, you can learn the dance, the song, share in the history... and then can watch Stranger Things together, too.  TIME TO BE THRILLED AND GET STRANGE!There are only a few things that you're going to be able to really share with your kid to the point that both of you love it equally.  Thanks to the glory of some shows that revive our favorite decades and moments, there are some additional overlaps than there used to be.  But, still, can your heart ever fully recover from the shattering of your kiddo inadvertently reminding you that your favorite memories may have been a good three to four decades before they were even thought of!  

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