Milk And Cookies Parent & Kid Apron Set by Handstand Kitchen
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Milk And Cookies Parent & Kid Apron Set by Handstand Kitchen

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Sweet EducationDo you remember coming home to milk and cookies as a kid? That's a tradition of days gone by. It's a tradition that happened in days when mothers had the time to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch just in time for their kids to get home from school and people didn't worry about their daily sugar intake. So, those days are over but there's no need to mourn when you can simply make baking into an after-school science and math lesson. These aprons will make you and your child a team that takes on sweetness one recipe at a time. Your child will be learning without even realizing it. Measuring sugar turns into a lesson on fractions. Mixing the flour and water into delicious gluten is a memorable lesson in science. And these colorful aprons are a great way to say that you're working together to face the sweet mysteries of the universe!Product DetailsThese aprons are not only photogenic and fresh but they are sure to pump both you and your young one up for some time in the kitchen. The waist has a striking cookie design that pairs sweetly with the blue polka dot band around the waist and ties at the neck. The pocket proudly proclaims "cookies" but these aprons will be there for simple lessons on cookies to the more complicated lessons in the chemistry of sourdough bread. Treaties on TreatsAfter all the talk about science, let's be honest, your time in the kitchen is all about that sweet reward. So, get over those bedtime quarrels and early morning woes with a peace offering of fun and memorable kitchen time. Cookies and milk taste the best when your little one helped mix the dough!

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