Minecraft Alex Mask For Kids by Disguise
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Minecraft Alex Mask For Kids by Disguise

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Brave New WorldThere is a brave new world out there. Well, not really out there. More like in there. In that screen, your child loves to play at be it computer or gaming system. It isn't some world that someone set up for them, one where she needs to live in someone else's idea of whats cool. She gets to build up this brave new world however she sees fit, as long as she is free and clear of zombies and creepers. So, if she wants to put classic roman pillars on her mid-century modern dwelling, she can. If she's willing to mine for the rock that it's going to take to make them, that is! If she wants to build a Gothic Dracula castle in the middle of the forest, she can do it! Some people have even created their very own virtual space shuttle so the sky isn't even the limit! So it isn't any wonder that your girl wants to bring her Mine-crafty character into real life? Maybe she will even get some new architectural plans while looking through Alex's eyes!Product DetailsThough this mask may look rather boxy, it's pretty comfortable to wear. The outer face is of a lightweight plastic while the interior features a foam pad that fits around your child's forehead to make longer-term wear a bit comfier. Your child will be able to see through the mesh openings in the eyes but her eyesight will be constricted so makes sure she takes the mask off when punching down trees.Minecraft Takes the Streets!It will be easy to make this virtual character into an IRL trick-or-treater. Just pair this mask with a green shirt and one of our Minecraft tools and your kiddo will be ready to go. But wait! This can easily become a group costume if she wants to pair up with siblings or friends. Not only do we have Steve costumes but we have Creepers and Zombies as well. This Minecraft takeover is sure to be an event to remember!

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