Minecraft Creeper Deluxe Costume For Kids by Disguise
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Minecraft Creeper Deluxe Costume For Kids by Disguise

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Be WaryYou have to be careful when exploring new places around town. Creepers can be hiding anywhere, and they’re so silent, you’ll never know they’re right next to you until they explode! It’s the worst. But, if there is one surefire way to get around with being caught up in some creeper capers, it’s to go incognito and blend in. That’s right, pick up this awesome Minecraft Creeper Deluxe Costume and your kid will be able to safely sneak around all those pesky video game villains without any trouble at all.Does your kid need to pick up some resources and materials for a new building project? Just tell them to throw this on and they won’t even need to bring their handmade sword along. Do they want some extra dynamite? This costume will let them get the jump on creepers that normally get the jump on them! You can thank us later when your child has all the materials they need, without all the trouble that comes along with gathering them up.Fun DetailsThis officially licensed costume is sure to camouflage your little one perfectly among the ranks of the most annoying Minecraft enemies around. The boxy foam tunic is covered in a pixelated print, and has a hook and loop fastener at the back. The matching pants fit comfortably, and help complete the full green guise. Finally, the molded plastic mask has mesh-covered eye openings, perfect for kids who like to sneak around and keep attention on the goals at hand. Trust us, this costume will keep your kid concealed, and finally give them a leg up against entire hordes of creepers. That may not mean much to you, but it will make their explorations all the more exciting.A Final NoteInstill a worthwhile caution around creepers—your child should know that there’s no telling when they’ll explode, or why. Oh, and in case your kid is going to a party with a bunch of non-creepers, make sure other folks know your little one is just running up to say hi, and not to explode in their faces—just best to avoid any creeper communication breakdowns. 

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