Mortuary Mama Plus Size Costume For Women by Dreamgirl
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Mortuary Mama Plus Size Costume For Women by Dreamgirl

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Death Becomes HerIt takes a certain kind of woman to be able to deal with the dead. Better than that, it takes a certain kind of women to deal with all the weirdos who are interested in death. We're talking the crazy ones. The morbid. The macabre even. People of that nature are a bit strange, to be sure, and it takes a strong (and probably also strange) woman to deal with that. Are you that kind of woman? The one who doesn't bat an eye when talking of hexes and curses? One who is more than happy to be bedecked entirely in black? One that is fine with the sounds of death and pain? One who may be a bit interested in the grisly and dreadful as well? Well then, we must commend you. You are certainly a woman of stoic fortitude and grim taste. What's more, it seems like you have a killer sense of style as well... oops. We didn't mean that... not that you wouldn't... we just... ahem. What we're trying to say is: you look great. Fun DetailsA woman with your fortitude for the frightening certainly deserves the best that nightwear can offer. And offer it we do, in our Mortuary Mama Plus Size Costume. This form-fitting little number is made from black velvet and black lace. There's a zipper up the back, lace sleeves, and a lace overlay on the bodice. The skirt fits snugly around the hips and widens near the hem. There's also a sequin trim along the neckline and along the princess seams. An outfit like this shows the sultry splendor and decadence to your gruesome tastes.Good GhoulsIt's difficult to find a lady such as yourself nowadays, one with such enchanting ghoulishness. What? Oh, no thank you. We're absolutely pooped out and couldn't possibly enjoy a good maiming... Did you hear that? We think we're being called for. Hate to run...

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