Ninjago Nya Deluxe Costume For Girls by LEGO
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Ninjago Nya Deluxe Costume For Girls by LEGO

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There are really only two skills that any developing kidlet needs to have in order to achieve all otherworldly goals that they may have in mind. The first is a talent that we hope all have already mastered, one that you’ve no doubt already proven your proficiency with several times over the years. We, of course, speak of the glory of building. Specifically building with LEGOs. If this isn’t a skill already in clear display, we highly recommend picking up a complete set of bricks to address that. Heck, maybe grab a set even if you’re already a master. The second skill, unquestionably, is the rarest martial artist skill known to all: spinjitsu. Now, that second one is a bit harder to nail down, so we’ve worked to call in some of the masters.One part LEGO, one part Ninja, all parts awesome. Perhaps it came just a bit too late for all of us to fully participate in this spectacular glory, but what other reason is there to have kids around than to be able to vicariously live out the thrills that we lacked in our own childhood? We’ve got the perfect role model for any young warrior (or parents who are still hoping to learn mastery of Spinjitsu).We’d like you to meet Nya! And, the best way you can do that is by letting your own tyke hop into the role with this Ninjago Nya Deluxe costume. This garb brings your kiddo the signature look of the character from the animated series with a tunic that has printed details to recreate the blocky LEGO figure style. The mask features her blue-and-red color scheme and a mesh eye covering for visibility while still displaying the keen look of a Spinjitsu master. With this officially licensed costume set, you'll both have everything to save the day with Nya’s own elemental powers! (Well, the powers will probably have to be practiced at length before they develop—but that’s the way of Spinjitsu!)

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