Noctiluca Dice Game by Z-Man Games
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Noctiluca Dice Game by Z-Man Games

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Healing ColorsLegends tell that once a year, amidst the tropical waters, glowing lights of mysterious creatures can be spotted. These are the mysterious Noctiluca, creatures whose soft hues can be used by healers around the world to bring peace and restoration to all. But, they are normally invisible. It is only in this brief time that they can be gathered and delivered to healers desperate for the gleaming embers of the sea. Can you act quickly and strategically enough!? Fun DetailsDiscover if you have what it takes to become the most successful divers of Noctiluca. This 1-4 player game takes about a half-hour and will put your ability to make tactical choices to the test. The game plays in two rounds. For each round, roll the many colored dice and place them evenly throughout each zone of the board. Each player gathers jars with colored squares. Beginning with one player, move around the board and place your pawn. Choose a straight line direction and then pick a number. Collect all dice in that line with that number on its face and place them in your jars where they best align. Any dice you cannot place are given to the next player! If you complete a jar, put it aside to collect the points and take a new one. In the second round, go in reverse order and repeat the process. The winner is whoever has the most points at the end. A Dangerous SeaWhen you set out to the ocean to gather up the Noctiluca, you'll be tested to choose the right path and number to get as many that you can use... but not so many that you give the upper hand to others! And, if you really need to test your abilities, flip the board over to play in solo mode against the raging Tempest!

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