Onirim Board Game by Z-Man Games
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Onirim Board Game by Z-Man Games

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Wandering the DreamscapeDreams are a labyrinth of possibilities, mysterious locations, and doors to another world. Of course, if you wander too deep, sometimes you risk getting trapped in that dream. That could be fun, for a while, presuming there aren't any nightmares out there looking for their next snack. It is time to see if you can survive a trip through the dreamscape and come out on the other end! Fun DetailsOnirim comes to provide you with a dreamlike trip in the form of this 15-minute card game. In this second edition of Onirim, you are a Dreamwalker exploring various strange locations with the goal of escaping before it is too late. Play solo or with a cooperative dreamwalking partner. Shuffle the deck and draw five cards. Any nightmares or door cards are placed to the side to shuffle back into the deck. Create the labyrinth of locations by playing colored cards one after another, providing the symbol on the card does not match the previous card played. When you get three same colors in a row, find a matching door card and play it in front of you, shuffling the deck back afterwards.Draw back to 5 cards every time you play. If you draw a nightmare, you must defeat it by discarding your hand, discarding 5 cards from the Draw deck, or playing a key card. If you draw a door card, play a matching key card to unlock it immediately. Otherwise, watch it fade into limbo! You win if you manage to unlock all eight doors. You lose if your draw deck empties. A Bright and Colorful DreamWith so many ways to explore the vivid and continuous dream, you may find your way back to Onirim many times. With rules for cooperative games or any of the included seven expansions, there are even more ways through the dreamscape than ever before. 

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