Oompa Loompa Plus Size Costume For Men by FUN Costumes
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Oompa Loompa Plus Size Costume For Men by FUN Costumes

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GENETIC PERFECTION FOR CHOCOLATE CONFECTIONSEccentric chocolatier looking to hire an entire staff for local chocolate monastery!  Now, generally speaking, anyone could make a good chocolate factory worker, but there are a few requisite qualifications that even the most sane of chocolatiers would be looking for.  So, when it is an insane one, you know that there are bound to be a few extra expectations that might be a little difficult to live up to.We're going to make the jump and assume that you're not a diminutive, orange-skinned resident of a far-off and hereto unknown island with the unusual combination of talent in removing inexplicable curses on children and the ability to operate complex machinery seemingly designed by M. C. Escher and Rube Goldberg.  If you do happen to lack this genetic and skill set pairing, fear not.  We can help.FUN DETAILSAnd, the best part is that you won't require extensive genetic modifications!  All you'll need is this Plus Size Chocolate Factory Worker Costume and you'll be ready to develop flying chocolates and breathable soda in no time.  This brown pullover tunic has delightful brown and white striped cuffs and features a mock turtleneck collar.  The white pants have suspenders and and jodhpur knees, great for horseback riding or the various athletic wonders that you may find at the factory.  And, who know!?  The neon green wig proves that this is a style for the workers and not a side effect of the soda!DO YOU ENJOY SINGING WHILE MAKING CHOCOLATE?We've all heard that you can whistle while you work, but having a nice little sing-songy mantra can do wonders for making the work day fly by.  That's especially important when you work in a place where things do literally fly by you from time to time.  So, when you're starting on your first day at the chocolate factory, make sure you look the part.  You wouldn't want to be escorted out with a song!  

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