Opposuit Iceman Summer Suit For Men by Opposuits
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Opposuit Iceman Summer Suit For Men by Opposuits

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For years, we’ve tried to combine ice cream with suits, but to no avail. Our greatest idea involved making a full suit out of real ice cream. We gathered up all sorts of flavors for testing and crafted many designs. However, it turns out when you try to make a suit out of ice cream, it just melts in a matter of seconds once you walk out into the hot sun. Then, we found out about this Iceman Summer OppoSuit, which combines ice cream with summer apparel to make dreams come true.This awesome suit comes with a short sleeve jacket, a pair of matching shorts and a tie. The turquoise exterior is covered in various ice cream patterns. We’re talking ice cream cones, popsicles, orange push pops and other frozen confectionary treats. Once you put it on, you’ll feel as tasty as an icy treat on a hot summer day.

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