Pickles To Penguins Family Card Game by Outset
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Pickles To Penguins Family Card Game by Outset

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Make the ConnectionWhat do pickles have in common with penguins? Think about it for a moment. Don’t take too long, though. We may just beat you to the punch! Like pickles are green with bumps all over them. They taste salty and a good one has a nice crunch. Penguins are aquatic birds that can’t fly and they spend their days eating fish. We got it! Pickles can be found hanging out in a salty liquid and so can penguins. Yes, pickles are usually in brine and penguins spend a lot of time in the salty ocean water. Boom! Well, that’s a little how the game Pickles to Penguins works.Fun DetailsThe Pickles to Penguins card game comes with 528 cards to play the game. Gameplay is quite simple. Each player starts with a hand of cards. A card is turned face up and it’s up to the players to make some crafty connections between the revealed card and the cards in their hand. Once you’ve made a connection, you call it out and slap your card down. Then, it’s time to repeat the process with the card just slapped down until one player has no cards left in hand. Watch out though! If you try to make connections that don’t quite jive, your opponents can challenge it and force you to draw extra cards. So don’t try to claim that snails are related to balloons because they both eat steak!

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