Pikachu Jump Juniors Raglan From Pokemon by Freeze
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Pikachu Jump Juniors Raglan From Pokemon by Freeze

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Do you know why Pikachu is called Pikachu? Hmm, now that we think of it, you probably do know but we think it’s interesting, so we’ll tell ya anyway. The words ‘pika’ and ‘chu’ are the Japanese words for the sounds that electricity (pika) and mice (chu) make; therefore, Pikachu is like an electric mouse. How cute! While Pikachu may not say much besides “Pika” he is still incredibly adorable and one of the best and most beloved Pokemon characters. Now, if Pikachu is cute already, when you put on this trendy Pikachu shirt, you are sure to be shockingly beautiful! This Pikachu Jump Juniors Raglan is great for showing off your poke-pride! The body of the shirt is white, while the raglan sleeves and collar are a bright, eye-catching yellow. For extra embellishment, there are two buttons that make a small, stylish V-neck. The best feature of this shirt, however, is mouse himself – Pikachu – screen printed on the front chest of the shirt, along with his name. Unfortunately, this shirt doesn’t come with Ash Ketchum, but it does come officially licensed!

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