Plague Doctor Costume For Men by FUN Costumes
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Plague Doctor Costume For Men by FUN Costumes

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THE PLAGUE DOCTOR IS INPlague doctors are scary looking folks, there is no way around it. The outfit, the gloves, all paired with that birdlike mask. Just look at that mask for a second. It even has red eye holes. Everything about plague doctors is scary. If a plague doctor showed up at our bedside when we were sick, we're not sure that we would feel comforted in the slightest. But while seeing a plague doctor is scary, being a plague doctor would be another kind of scary entirely. Just imagine trying to care for all of these people who are dying of the same symptoms and not understanding why. The fear that you might catch the sickness, too, would be overwhelming. Scary as these doctors may be, they must have been some truly brave and kind people, to try and do what they did! FUN DETAILS Even if a plague doctor's heart is in the right place, his look is truly terrifying. This Men's Plague Doctor Costume starts with a robe, with a faux leather smock collar that slips over the head. The costume also comes with a faux leather belt with multiple pouches and faux leather gloves. The hat you'll be wearing has wire in the brim to help it hold its shape, but the best part of this costume is easily the mask. The mask is secured with an elastic band that runs around the back of your head and has mesh-covered eye openings that appear blaze red. This costume appears to be the stuff of nightmares. THE LESSER OF TWO EVILSWhen we think of seeing a plague doctor, we can't seem to decide what would be worse. The fact that this terrifying looking human is in our room, looking at us through those beady red eyes, or the fact that this doctor's being here means we have the plague. Either way you spin it, this is truly the stuff of nightmares! 

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