Plump Baby Kitty Costume For Girls by Princess Paradise
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Plump Baby Kitty Costume For Girls by Princess Paradise

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Cat v. KidYou know what the difference is between your baby and a cat is? ... What? No, that wasn't a joke. We're sincerely asking. We've been thinking about it all morning and we're stumped. Both are cute and helpless. Both like stuffing their faces with food and taking naps in the sun. Both like silly little toys with bells and feathers. We're running out of ideas here. Well yes, of course, there's the biological differences but we thought that mentioning whiskers, a tail, and claws was a bit too obvious, but fine, we'll accept it. Your kid doesn't look like a cat. Happy?Well, we're not. You see, the whole idea with comparing a cat to your kid was that we were going to convince you how cats are so much better, but we were having trouble coming up with ideas... oh! Cat's are potty-trained! That's a good one. And you never need to bathe them! They bathe and comb regularly. Also, cute and cuddly (sometimes). See? Cats are great. Fun DetailsSo great, we're pretty sure you'll agree with us that it's probably worth trading in your kid in for a cat. We know, it's a big decision to make, so we're going to help you out a bit. Why don't you try dressing up your little one in this Plump Baby Kitty Costume? This little polyester romper comes in black with a pink belly and black bowtie. There's a long pink and black tail attached to the back, and a little black hood with tiny pink ears. This way your kid can look like a cat. Just let them crawl around underfoot and yowl all night and you'll know exactly what having a cat feels like!Kitten CuteSee, what did we tell you? Cats are...What? Well, no, we don't have kids. We're just saying that... Well yes, cat claws can be terrible but it's not like... Sorry? Well yeah, your kid will eventually be potty-trained too... You know what? Keep the kid. We're just saying, they could be as cute as a kitten.  

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