Plus Size Firefly Adult Malcolm Reynolds Costume by FUN Costumes
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Plus Size Firefly Adult Malcolm Reynolds Costume by FUN Costumes

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GOING TO THE SPECIAL HELLMalcolm Reynolds has been through a bunch in his life. There were countless fights in the war, losing it to the Alliance, and then getting stuck with Jayne of all people as a constant member of the crew. But, so long as that Serenity was flying in the sky, he could always end the day with a smile on his face. So, imagine his horror when he learned that Firefly was going off the air!? Well, that's not the special hell Mal was thinking of when facing down Mrs. Reynolds!Well, it is long past time to get Kaylee to start those engines up and have Wash pull off one of those Crazy Ivans to get right back among the stars. The first step is, of course, to dust off the duster and get Mal back in his glorious Brown Coat. You'll have plenty of support because our in-house team of Whedonites has been hard at work to craft you this high-quality costume. FUN DETAILSStrap on that holster and show your Browncoat pride once more when you gear up in this officially licensed Malcolm Reynolds costume from Firefly. Start with a comfy breadcloth shirt and don't forget the adjustable suspenders. Faux leather gloves with a cloth lining will make it easy to grab your weapon from the holster that's on your thigh harness and faux leather belt. Of course, we'd be completely failing you if we didn't provide the faux suede duster to make your Browncoat look complete. Unfortunately, you're on your own in getting the Serenity, itself! WATCH OUT FOR THE MISSUSWhen you take off into the world with that snarky Malcolm Reynold's grin, you're going to easily conquer every costume contest and Whedonverse con event. Just watch out for Saffron (or was it Bridget)? She near always manages to get one-up on Mal, but we've got your back! 

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