Plus Size Rag Doll Doll Costume by Charades
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Plus Size Rag Doll Doll Costume by Charades

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A Simpler TimeRemember the good ol' days? You know what we're talking about—you'd go riding your bike around the neighborhood until dark, then come in for a home-cooked meals, and then play with your few favorite toys that fostered your imagination (rather than the tech gadgets, social media, and video games of today). We LOVED those times, too. Nowadays, things are so complicated. Everything has so many bells and whistles. It's got you feeling nostalgic for your own unfettered childhood.You used to take your Raggedy Ann doll out to the yard to lie in the grass and imagine animals from clouds. Then you'd set her in your backpack and head down to the stream to look at frogs and collect wildflowers. She'd accompany you to the library or the ice cream parlor; your rag doll was a great listener, and she was always up for adventure. This Raggedy Ann Plus Size Doll Costume, then, will delight you by turning you into your favorite childhood toy! It's time to relive the good ol' days!Fun DetailsThis costume is inspired by the iconic Raggedy Ann image, and as such, it features a blue dress with a white pinafore, trimmed in red rickrack. Cuffed broadcloth bloomers form the base and look pretty darn cute, to boot (seriously, we miss bloomers, let's bring 'em back)! The matching cap is included, but you'll need to add your own yarn wig and striped knee socks for total transformation! You and your pals can sit around all evening, reminiscing about days gone by and arguing about the best penny candies!Andy is OptionalYou can make this a cute couple's costume and pair up with a Raggedy Andy. But remember when you were a little girl, it was just you and Ann, out on adventures. The world was your oyster, ignorance was bliss, and you didn't need a boy around, doll or not, to have fun! So it's up to you. Whatever you do, have a blast from the past! 

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