Plus Size Sexy Werewolf Women'S Costume by Party King
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Plus Size Sexy Werewolf Women'S Costume by Party King

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A Howl in the WoodsSure, being a cape-wearing traveler can be fun. Everyone enjoys walking a forested trail every once in a while. But what if you wanted to be a little more…adventurous? You don’t want to just get eaten by a wolf and then rescued by some guy in the woods (uhh, creepy, right?). Not you. No, you want to be the wolf. Well, in this Plus Size Sexy Werewolf Costume, you will have no problem being the frightening shadow that lurks just behind the tree line.In this devious costume, not only will you be dangerous and scary, but also alluring and playful. You’ll easily be able to draw people into your grasp. And then when they’re least expecting it…BAM! You take a huge bite out of them and decide whether you want to have them become another werewolf, or just a light snack for the evening!Fun DetailsOr, of course, you could just wear this costume out and have fun being both flirty and frightening for an evening or two. The outfit consists of a jagged hem dress with a double layer skirt. It features faux fur trim and a red bow at the neck, along with a faux fur tail, wrist cuffs, and leg warmers. The included headband has attached ears and a red bow and completes the monstrous look that will frighten anyone unfortunate enough to cross your path in a dark and shadowy forest.Use Your Powers WiselyEnjoy being the worst werewolf in the whole forest in this exciting getup. Just watch out for the times when the full moon disappears and the sky returns to light—the woods are far less a scary place in the daytime, and your frightening effect won’t be as strong in the light. But otherwise, enjoy a night or two of fun and adventurous power in this costume. Remember, be the wolf!

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