Plus Size Women'S Dragon Queen Costume by FUN Costumes
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Plus Size Women'S Dragon Queen Costume by FUN Costumes

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What Powers Await?Legends have spoken of her for ages. The Queen of Dragons. None know how she will appear. Will she truly be a dragon? Powerful, mighty, and terrible? Will she have gleaming scales that reflect fire? Wings that expand and fill the skies? Will she breathe fire as air and drench the land in smoke and destruction? Or are those all exaggerations told by frightened parents to naughty children, hoping that they will go to be without a word lest they call on the ire of the Dragon Queen?Of course, those are the legends. In truth, the Dragon Queen will be just as powerful and mighty but will appear as a human blessed by the blood and magic of the mighty beasts. The Dragon Queen will inspire hope and may bring about a brand new world of peace and marvels. Of course, that very same queen may use that power for terrible devastation. It is all up to you, isn't it? We are ready to bend knee and vow allegiance to your might. It is time for your coronation. Fun DetailsAllow us to offer you a crown worthy of your legendary myth with this exclusive Dragon Queen costume. This is a Made by Us look that was put together in our in-house design studios that includes a pair of rugged-looking pants and a blue dress. The dress is designed to have a wrapping look but zips up the back for easy fitting. The crown jewel of this ensemble is the long, draping cloak that clasps with a metal latch and features an oversized hood. Pull the sides of the cloak out to spin in your elegance or look like you do, indeed, have mighty wings! Soar the Skies!When you have the title of the Dragon Queen, none can ever be totally certain the limit of your powers. You'll look elegant and powerful in this costume, of course. But, can you fly? Well, we'll never know until it is time! 

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